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About Tod Eltzroth Professional Headshot Photographer in Cincinnati

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Headshots are my passion! Experience the difference an expert, artistic professional headshot photographer can provide.

Tod Eltzroth

Tod has been creating images since 1979, with a black and white darkroom as a teenager. Tod mastered the 2008 David Ziser Digital Class and has become a follower of the Peter Hurley Headshot Crew method. Antonelli School of Photography is on his resume as well.

Tod says, “Together we can bring out your best look. I will coach your best expression. Get a fresh look. My clients are trustworthy and approachable. Let me help you record some great images that will provide a stunning presence on LinkedIn that will drive customers and agents to you.

First Impressions Matter

What do clients see when they pull up your profile?

It takes an instant to form an impression. And with today’s online connectivity and the prevalence of social media, it may be even faster. That impression needs to be the right one. It is essential that a headshot tell the story of someone who’s a perfect fit for the role or job. An image that projects confidence and credibility.

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First Impressions Matter! Project confidence and credibility with a professional online profile picture from the Cincinnati Headshot Factory.

A Winning Formula

The world is drawn to people who exude confidence and a vibrant energy. Balance it out with an approachable and friendly look that conveys a genuine personality. This perfect mix of confidence plus approachability creates the winning formula for a positive impression. Set yourself apart from the crowd!

Headshots are my passion. Experience the difference an expert and artistic  professional headshot photographer can create.