Nail your audition starting with the best headshot! The need is for a precise image dripping with personality, with the focus on the head and eyes is imperative. As an actor, a great headshot needs to be a high quality photograph with controlled lighting to bring out the best assets of your face and eyes.

Actor Headshots

A fantastic headshot is the best tool an actor can have. The reasons to invest in a set of quality headshots done by a professional headshot photographer are many. Mainly, these images will get more work in the areas you want. Headshots are an actors’ branding and marketing around the industry; the phenomenal headshot is the key toward getting noticed for the audition, and the best way for an agent or CD to remember the actor for future work.

cincinnati headshot factory performer headshots
A fantastic headshot is the best tool an actor or performer can have!
Cincinnati Headshot Factory Performer Headshots
Make a great first impression with an amazing headshot!

The First Impression may be your only impression!

The first thing talent agents and casting directors will see is an amazing headshot or a subpar camera phone pic. Only if you fit the part based on your looks will they go further and read your resume and view your show reel.

Trust your face to the Factory!

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